Art of Metallurgy
Purging Plug
    发布时间: 2019-12-20 14:38    
Honor manufactures various types of gas purging plugs for ladle satisfying each metallurgical and application requirement of customers.

Plugs plate type

The plate plug is composed of a central blowing unit realized by hydraulic pressed alumina plates, then sintered at high temperature. This unit is contained in a refractory body casted in alumina spinel.
Main characteristics of this type of plug are: easy cleaning and inspection ; resistance to action of the oxygen lance.

Plugs slot type

The slot plug is composed of a monolithic body realized in alumina spinel in which a wide range of gas blowing slots are placed. The peculiar characteristic of this kind of plug is the possibility to vary, also a lot, its flow rate thanks to different blowing surfaces.
In this way we can modulate the flow rate of the purging plug according to the specific operation requirements of each production reality.