Art of Metallurgy
Carbon Raiser (Recarburizer)
    发布时间: 2019-09-16 16:12    
With a carbon additive manufacturing factory covering about 10,000 square meters located near the Taixi Coal Production Base, we enjoy convenient transportation access and high suitability for long-term development. With three calcinators and two production lines for environmentally-friendly crushing and sieving and reserving and sieving, we provide reliable products and get excellent results.

Our annual production capability is30,000 metric tons. Our products are characterized by higher quality and lower price. With a support laboratory and transportation equipment, we have successfully set up business relationships with many companies. Our products are now exported to Japan, Korea, India,the United States and other countries.

We are also pleased to introduce our company as one of the leading exporters of carbon additives in China. We produce carbon additives with fixed carbon from 90% to 95%, and lower sulfur, ash, moisture and VM than comparable products. Moreover, we are also a distributor of magnesium spindled products, activated carbon, carbon coke, coking coal and silicon carbide.

Specification:  Fixed Carbon: 90%, 92%,93%,94%, 95%.