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Refractory Dart
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Slag Dart also known as slag stopping plug, slag control dart, Slag Limiting Dart, Slag Control Refractory Darts. Slag blocking darts are cone shapes with slots and its density leads to float at the interface between the liquid steel and slag in the furnace. 


•Higher bulk density

•More resistant to impact, burst and erosion

•Customize slag darts used for 30-300 ton BOF converts based on your requirements
In the converter steel-making processing, a large amount of molten steel slag is produced when smelting in the BOF. The slag dart is a cone shaped plug with a refractory covered guiding rod, it has three slot design which is enough for the liquid metal to flow and block the slag. The slag dart is inserted into the taphole toward the end of the tapping operation by slag blocking dart application machine to block slag inflow ladle, the performance can be increased to 96%, Slag layer< 40mm. The slag dart has an obvious effect on increasing steel yield and purity as well as the quality and mechanical performance of steel.

Technical Specification Table
Item Name Slag dart  Slag Stopping Plug  Slag Control Dart
Total Length 1100~1680mm
Height of Head 150mm-230mm, according to drawing
Diameter of Head 200-350mm, according to the size of tapping hole
Density of Head 3.1-4.0g/cm3
Density of Tail 2.8g/cm3
Temperature Application 1790℃
CCS ≥20 MPa
Note: All of these could be customized according to customer's requirements.

Darts head (Chemical Analysis)

Name of composition %
Al2O3 38 Min
MgO 38 Min
SiO2 8.0 Min
Fe2O3 3~5

Darts tail (Chemical Analysis)

Name of composition %
Al2O3 42 Min
MgO 39 Max
SiO2 7 Min

Supplementary Properties

Name Description Index
BD g/cm3 Dart head 3.8  Min
Dart tail 2.7  Min
Service Temperature ℃ Dart head 1750 Min
Dart tail 1750 Min
CCS kg/cm2 Dart tail 70.0 Min
Dart tail 70.0 Min